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Sat 16 May - Sun 17 May
CID - Centro Internazionale della Danza

Rosas repertory workshop drumming

During this week-end we will learn the basic material of Drumming, master piece created by Rosas in 1998. We will deal with different choreographic structures that will open possibilities to transform the material. The goal of the workshop is to introduce the dancers to the insides of Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker's work, to give them space to embody the movements of this piece and to make a micro- version of the work 

Marta Coronado
Dancer, born in Spain. She attended the first cycle of PARTS. Since 1998 she is a member of ROSAS. In 2001 she got a Bessie award performing with Rosas Company
Nowadays she dances for Rosas as free lacer and she became rehearsal director for  Repertory projects in Paris Opera, Lyon Opera, Rosas and for West Side Story in Broadway. She  teaches Repertory, Technic clases and composition workshops worldwide.
She choreographed the Opera Orfeo and Majnun premiered in La Monnaie
She has been invited as a guest choreographer in Spain for the piece: Because we love, Acorde bajo continuo, Soledad Acompañada and El Silencio de las Flores.
She is the co-director of LA FAKTORIA Choreographic Center in Pamplona with International training programmes and Residency programmes.


Saturday 16 May from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday 17 May from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Where: CID - Centro Internazionale della Danza - Corso Rosmini 58, Rovereto (TN)
Level: Intermediate
Fee: 110 euro
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Early Booking: if you book by 27th March 2020, you will get a 20% discount on the registration fee.

You can proceed with the registration:
- online --> click on the SIGN UP button in the top right corner (online payment by credit card or postpay)
- by calling +39 0464 431660
- by email to cid@centrodelladanza.it and sending the registration form >>
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The registration fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.