CID - International Dance Centre

Dance is our home

CID – Centro Internazionale della Danza
was born to train for, produce and promote dance. Our activities focus on the improvement of young dancers and choreographers through internships, workshops, masterclasses and artistic residencies for the companies. 
CID is a reference point for dance in Italy and represents a place of exchange at a European level. 
CID – Centro Internazionale della Danza
is based in Rovereto, a small city in the North of Italy, historically renowned for its sensitivity towards cultural research and its trends, its fascination with what’s new and a taste for the contemporary. Set in the midst of stunning natural surroundings near Lake Garda and the Dolomites, Rovereto has a cozy town centre where ideas keep flourishing and feeling good is easy. Like being at home.

At CID – Centro Internazionale della Danza you will find two dance studios with wooden and Marley dance  floors, mirrors, bars, a sound system, dressing rooms and bathrooms; multiple spaces for meetings and conventions; co-working spaces with  wifi; a kitchen  area  for coffee and tea breaks and convivial meals.

CID – Centro Internazionale della Danza
is a hotbed for:

Artistic residency for young dancers and choreographers

-          Further training for aspiring professional dancers and choreographers

-          Research and encounters with cultural realities from all over Europe

-          Initiatives which educate to beauty

-          Participatory dance projects aimed at cultivating relationships and a sense of community

CID – Centro Internazionale della Danza
since 2018, together with other important regional partners - Il Gaviale (Centrale Fies/Drodesera), Abbondanza/Bertoni Company and Cooperativa Teatrale Prometeo - the CID - International Dance Centre constitutes the Regional Centre of Artistic Residence PASSO NORD.

CID – Centro Internazionale della Danza
is welcoming and accessible, with no architectural barriers, where creativity is powered by diversity.

CID - Centro Internazionale della Danza
was born thanks to the initiative of the association Oriente Occidente and represents Oriente Occidente Dance Festival’s production space.


CID – Centro Internazionale della Danza

Corso Rosmini 58

Tel + 39 046443166